Jen Jewett

April 2018 Jen Jewett Update

Our work on the riverside continues, teaching about Jesus, hygiene, how to stay safe from strangers, and working with families to keep their children and grandchildren safe. The past several months we have been working on developing the investigation side of our work. We've hired a full time investigator who works closely with our riverfront team but separate from our kids clubs, so he can remain anonymous.

October 2016 Jen Jewett Update

Since my last update much effort has been made to bring routine back to our kids and families in the slum. They know to expect us every Tuesday and Thursday. That we'll pull up in our big blue tuk tuk loaded with toys and games and snacks, and families come to us with their questions and concerns. It feels just like home there now, and we are so happy to be there every week.


June 2016 Jen Jewett Update

Almost everything has changed since my last update! Everything except the kids we work with. In December we had to close the doors of our centre and let go of several of our Khmer staff due to lack of funding. So now we are working several times a week in the slums and on the streets where our children live.

September 2015 Jen Jewett Update

The majority of the past 6 months have been spent in the routine of working with our kids at our day center. We've been enjoying finding the rhythm of having the kids come each day, working out all the knots, and figuring out how to make things run as smoothly as possible. For me, going to the center is the highlight of my week. I love helping the kids brush their teeth, watching them as they progress learning how to read and write their alphabet and the look of confidence on their face when they know they've got it.

March 2015 Jen Jewett Update

My update this time is completely opposite to my last update 6 months ago. In my last update I was feeling stretched, waiting for things to begin here. In the past 6 months we have opened our drop in centre in Sihanoukville, and our day centre in Phnom Penh has officially been handed over to us from its previous organization, with the government in full support and working with us on the process to get full International NGO status. We went from a season of waiting, directly to running full speed, with centres open on both bases. What an answer to prayer!!

September 2014 Jen Jewett Update

As I sit to write this update, it's hard to know what to say. In the natural, things have been progressing pretty slowly. We've been waiting on the government to re-open the proper offices so we can move forward with our work, and until then we can go no further. So it's easy to feel frustrated. It feels as though we've been waiting forever for our centers to open so we can begin the "real" work. But if I look deeper than that, this has been an important season of strengthening.

February 2014 Jen Jewett Update

It's been a very exciting couple months. Our team is growing - 2 new team members joined in January,
and 3 more will be joining by next month. God is sending us doctors, social workers, financial people –
so many people whose skills are so necessary as we move forward with our work here, and who bring a
new dynamic to the team. And even more exciting for me, we have 2 Khmer staff working with us full time in
Phnom Penh now, which has made such an incredible difference. They bring so much to the team, and it is
so great to have them as part of the family.