October 2016 David & Joanna Morrison Family Update

The Morrison family continues to serve with Iris Malawi. The three who remain in Malawi are kept busy with 88 children. 33 of these are now attending 10 different secondary schools throughout the country. Five were selected to national schools which shows the excellent work that is happening at our Primary School on the base. All of our St .8 students passed and were selected to various schools.  


[One of our senior secondary school students served by helping her younger brothers and sisters understand math.]

Much of August was spent preparing our secondary students. Louise Loten returned to visit and to tutor and work with our secondary house parent team. It was great to see the team working together, organizing textbooks and uniforms, making decisions about school placements and supplies. We are thankful that our house parents are really stepping up to share the administrative load.  


[Joanna assisting one of our Iris girls with science.]

With everyone home for five weeks of holiday, the days were quite demanding, between mending and sewing uniforms, watching swimming, reading stories, playing games, organizing events, and one-on-ones.  When September rolled around and the secondary students left, and the Primary School began, there was a lovely hush which fell over the base. House parents and missionaries alike were ready for school to begin.  

[It was a blessing to have Patrick and Daniel spend a few weeks with us in Malawi during their summer holiday before heading back to university.] 

Iris Primary School is taking things to a new level. Teachers have already begun after school programs and Saturday morning math classes. All classes are learning how to use computers. Watching the St.1 class take delight in moving the mouse caused great joy. We are enjoying having Chara Lafleur spend a year with us. As a Primary School teacher with lots of experience, she is able to offer some good coaching and modelling for our teachers. As a worship leader, Chara is also blessing our community each week.  



[Iris kids.]

Chara is also providing piano and French lessons for Kalina, which rounds out her final year of home schooling. Wound care, netball practice, a Cerebral Palsy group that meets once a month, library duty, story time, recorder class, these are all the pieces that make up a full day for Kalina.  


[After hours netball game at the Iris playfield.]

Hot season came early this year with temperatures over 40 most days.  We are really praying for rains in season and in good amounts.  The Lower Shire has suffered three crop failures in a row and we are really looking forward to some relief in the hunger this coming growing season.

[It is nice to see our older Iris kids helping their house parents care for the younger ones.]

[Iris kids are growing physically and spiritually. In response to their request, we recently baptized many.]