October 2016 Zimpeto Widows' Home Update

One day whilst chatting to Vovo (grandmother) Salimina, she took a liking to my necklace and asked me to buy one for her. I asked her when her birthday was (thinking I would give her one on her special day), and her response was “I don't know.” Then she realised why I was asking and suddenly said, “It's tomorrow!”  

It is actually quite common here that older people especially, have no idea of even what year they were born, and have no documents to help them. Since Vovo was definitely worth celebrating, we chose a date and gave her a birthday party!

Some of the children from the centre came up in the afternoon, and with balloons, cake, drink and gifts, we walked into her house singing 'Happy Birthday'. She was so delighted and kept saying “I didn't know, I didn't know.” It's very easy to do a surprise birthday party when someone doesn't know when their birthday is!

The sound of our singing drew several neighbouring children to the house, so she gave them all some cake and drink too. We then prayed, thanking God for her life and blessing the years to come. She loved all of her gifts....especially her new necklace.

Salimina birthday cake.jpeg

[Vovo Salimina's birthday cake.... Such joy!]