October 2017 Zimpeto Bible School Update

Beholding and Becoming

We had a wonderful term at the Iris Zimpeto Bible School, with many evangelistic events that hosted many visitors and teachers from many different places worldwide. 

We want to highlight two of the evangelistic events from the last term.

The first was the spiritual conference. It was given the title  'Breaking Poverty Bonds'. Student participation at the conference waswas exceptional as they served in different capacities. Some were ushers, some as protocol and kitchen staff, and some joined the choir. While they were encouraged to find a place to serve, they also had plenty of time to receive what was being taught and imparted.

Guest speakers came from Australia, the USA and from Swaziland. Bishop Lazaro was the key speaker. All were a great blessing and brought encouragement. Praise God for the experienced men and women of God who came and poured into the lives of the students.

Picture_1 Students at the Breaking  Poverty Bonds Conference_0.JPG

[Students at the Breaking Poverty Bonds Conference.]

The other event being highlighted in this report is the 'couples seminar' which was was hosted shortly after the spiritual conference. The seminar really took on the shape of a couples retreat. Two Brazilian pastors came with a team and shared with married and soon to be married couples about relationships and married life. The participants included pastors, teachers, former bible school students, and other local church members. Their focus and desire was to ignite a revival of holiness of the marriages in Mozambique.

The team leader from Brazil shared with the students at their graduation ceremony on August 9th, 2017.

Students with Brazilian team at  graduation_0.jpg 

[Students with Brazilian team at graduation.]

The impact on the students is great, as they sit day after day under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, listening to the word and receiving messages that are transforming their lives. The time comes when you must stop just listening to messages and instead become the messages. Below is one such story about one of our current students.

Students with Brazilian team at  graduation_1.jpg

[Zimpeto Bible School graduation.]



A student began calling herself ‘Lily of the field’ after the scripture passage about the lilies in the field jumped out at her one day. The Lord spoke to her about children and taking care of the needy, and especially the children who live in orphanages.

Lily was deeply touched as she shared that she came to the school looking to find God and receive His guidance. She had come from very difficult relational experiences and had very challenging family issues. Lily felt that she was to come to the bible school and begin afresh in Maputo, leaving everything behind and putting her trust in God alone.

Lily of the field recieves the  certificate_0.jpg

[Lily of the field receiving her certificate.]

Now, having successfully completed the first level of her bible training, Lily is a completely transformed person. She has decided to start an organization to help children in need. Lily submitted her project and the project has been accepted in some of the well-known NGOs in Mozambique. God is surely making all things work together for good in her life. Above all, she cannot wait for the start of the next semester in September. Lily has great expectations of what God has prepared for her in level two of the bible school.

We thank God for His faithfulness and we really appreciate your prayers and support.