September 2020 Zimpeto Community Infant Milk & Food Supplment Program Update

Infant Milk Supplement Program:

We are highlighting one of our children, Ariana, who was admitted to our Milk Program when she was 10 days old. She is one of the many babies which we are privileged to provide nutritious formula, medical support and encouragement to.

Ariana’s mother is mentally challenged and has refused to accept her baby since birth. The sister of Ariana’s father (who was never able to have children of her own) has taken-in Ariana and her mother to care for them. Ariana’s father has been stuck in South Africa since the borders closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, and has not been able to send financial support to purchase formula. Ariana depends on the formula to grow and develop normally.

Although Ariana started out small and rejected, she is now loved and growing into a beautiful baby girl. Your support enables us to continue helping Ariana, and other babies like her. I am always blessed to see these babies grow strong and beautiful after their rough start to this life.  Additionally (as in this case) God used a difficult circumstance to bless a woman with motherhood, who would otherwise remain childless – a stigma in this culture.

Thank you so very much for supporting the work we are doing here in the name of Jesus Christ through the Community Milk Program!

He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. Praise the Lord! – Psa.113:9.

Ariana 7-16_0_0.jpg

[Precious Ariana now!]

Food Supplement Program:

We are praising God for His care and provision in this pandemic season through your generosity and love! When many have lost their jobs and small businesses, the need is great.

We are able currently supporting 78 families with food boxes twice a month, and providing boxes for extra families every day.


[Our youth at the base shown here helping by assembling boxes for the program.]

God is using you to bring smiles and life to Mozambican families in this difficult time. Thank you for such great love!


[Pictured above are women picking up a food box at the centre to take home to their families. If it weren't for the masks and their shyness of having their picture taken, you would see their big smiles!!]