June 9, 2009 Update on Rolland's Health

We want to thank all of our family and friends around the world for your
love and prayers for Rolland and all of us over the past many months.
Rolland has been living in Pemba and receiving care from some amazing
youth who have come to us over the years from the streets and many
missionaries who have all pitched in with meals and hugs and help of all
kinds. Rolland has truly been honored by so many who have walked with us
at one time or another over the years. He has been spending his days
resting and has truly been enjoying praying for many, watching Holy
Spirit touch many and minister to hearts.

Medically speaking, we still face some major challenges in the days
ahead. Tests conducted by the physicians have reported minor damage to
cells within the brain believed to have been caused by two serious bouts
with malaria and perhaps a series of small strokes. After much prayer,
we have decided to take Rolland to a clinic in Germany that specializes
in a blend of intense prayer and medical and nutritional remedies. These
friends are a very loving and caring team who are praying for wisdom
from Holy Spirit. They truly believe we will see a very good recovery.
At present, Rolland's physical suffering is intense, and so we covet
your prayers.

Many of our dear friends have been asking us how they can help cover
Rolland’s growing medical costs. We are greatly touched by these
expressions of love and offers of support. Nothing is impossible with
Jesus! We have set up a fund within Iris for those who wish to give
specifically for Rolland’s care and recovery, which has been titled
“Iris Medical Mercy Fund”. We will keep you updates on the progress we
are making from time to time! Rolland and I remain continually
encouraged by the lives of the thousands upon thousands of laid down
lovers pouring out continually to Jesus and to the poor!

Love in Jesus,

Rolland and Heidi Baker

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