Visiting Iris Ministries

"Whatever you did for the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me."

– Jesus Christ (Matthew 25:40)

Least in the eyes of men, but precious members of Jesus' family, are the poor and poor in spirit of Africa and the world. Visitors from all over share every year in the harvest in practical and spiritual ways. You will be blessed and your heart forever changed as you see the Kingdom of God coming to the poor and “the least of these”.  A short-term missions trip to Iris provides you with a two or three week opportunity to minister to Jesus by:

Holding a baby
Hugging a child
Playing soccer with teens
Digging trenches
Washing dishes
Roofing a widow's house
Picking up trash
Or serving in some other practical way

Jesus said, "The greatest among you will be your servant."  (Matthew 23:11) To have a great experience during your visit, please come with the following mindset:

  • Plan on being as self-reliant as possible.
  • Don't expect the full attention of any missionary, staff member or translator. Be ready to take on the most menial task for the good of the base.
  • Look forward to taking initiative and searching for ways to love, work and serve.                                                 

We are always amazed at what God does through our short-term visitors. A father or mother's hug imparts adoption. A carpenter's skill provides covering. A young adult's strength releases encouragement. The Body is built up, the hungry are fed, the lonely are filled, the Kingdom is expressed, God is glorified, and thankfulness and joy abound.

Please visit the short-term visitors section at to receive more extensive  information and practical suggestions as you plan your trip.

Please note that all visitor inquiries and correspondence (dates, travel, preparation) must be addressed to our hospitality teams in Mozambique. Our central receiving centre for those who wish to visit multiple Iris bases (and/or for those who do not have a preference) is:

If you wish to visit only one base and know which one you would like to visit, you can contact the base directly as follows: Maputo/Zimpeto, Maputo Province, Mozambique; Pemba, Cabo Delgado Province, Mozambique; Multiple and all other locations, as well as general inquiries.

Iris Ministries Canada is not able to sponsor or approve first-time exploratory trips to any of our Iris bases. All initial visits must be approved by Iris Global. IMC is not able to issue tax receipts for donations received in support of short-term visitors.

Qualifications for visiting Iris Ministries

Those volunteering with us need to have a personal commitment to Christ Jesus and a hunger for "more, Lord!" Unless traveling with a parent or team, visitors should be at least 18 years old. First time visitors may come for a period of two to three weeks. A request to visit initiates an invitation process. As part of that process, you will be asked to supply a pastoral reference, a copy of your personal Christian testimony, and a clear statement of your vision for ministry or hopes and goals for working here with Iris Ministries. We will read your information and pray about how God may plan to use you here. We do appreciate your patience in waiting to make final plans to come until you have received an invitation from us.

Steps to apply to visit Iris Ministries

We do not have an application form as such. Rather, it's a process by which you tell us about yourself and your interest in visiting Iris and we invite you to do so after prayerful evaluation of your information.

Please have your pastor email a reference directly to the base you desire to visit (options are laid out above). It needn't be lengthy, but it should include his or her reflections on your Christian walk and any significant involvements you may have in your church. Also, it should include a brief assessment of your suitability for a short-term missions experience in a setting such as we have here at Iris. (Your pastor should visit the Iris web site at if he or she isn't familiar with Iris. He or she should take note of the information there for prospective visitors, and should comment in that light.)

You should write separately to share your personal testimony and your vision/goals/hopes for a visit to Iris, i.e., tell us what you would anticipate doing here, bringing here in the way of gifting or service, and what you would hope to receive from God while here.

Please also suggest approximate dates for your visit.

We will get back to you as quickly as possible once we have received your information.

Again, we thank you for your patience. Your invitation must be received before proceeding to obtain a visa. Canadians can receive visa information and download an application by visiting the US Mozambique Embassy.

No visa is required to visit Malawi or South Africa.


Important Note: Because we are serving in underdeveloped countries and unpredictable conditions, Iris Ministries cannot and does not guarantee your safety, health or comfort. You will be joining us in trusting God as provider and protector.