Live Video Footage from Flood Area Food Distribution - January 28, 2008

On January 23, 2008 David Morrison and a team from Bangula, Malawi travelled to Mozambique in a convoy of three trucks carrying 17 metric tons of food, enough to feed three refugee camps for two weeks. Satisfying starving people with the gift of food is such an incredible work, and seeing the powerful arm of God reaching down to send us the provision so quickly is a miracle.

[116,000.00 people are in need]

Iris is and will continue to organize and provide food for the 'next' camps and will do so for as long as is required.

To all who have and are responding to this desperate need, we cannot thank you enough. We will continue to update you and provide more information and footage as available, so please check back.

The following video footage was taken on the first trip to Mozambique, January 23-24, 2008. (You can also watch this video in a larger size at Google Video.)

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