March 14, 2023 - Major Flooding in southern Malawi

Flooding in Malawi - March 14, 2023

Cyclone Freddy brought devastation to the Iris Zimpeto base in southern Mozambique in early February, and has now cycled back around, causing mass flooding throughout southern Malawi (home to Iris Malawi), just ahead of the harvest season. Crops were strong this year and desperately needed for ongoing food shortage crisis, from last year's floods.

Below is a note from David Morrison (Director of Iris Malawi) from earlier today:

"There is a major disaster, and the rains are relentless. We had heavy rain again through last night and all day today. It just stopped. The storm is now moving SE and far away from us, however we have an extremely dangerous flood surge moving towards us from the Mwanza, Ruo, and Shire Rivers. Our highway has been severed in many places between here and Blantyre. Bridges have been destroyed. Houses have fallen. Many people are missing after being washed away by the violent water in the rivers.

We are dealing with issues on base such as pumping water, because we haven’t had electricity since Sunday morning, and our solar power production is minimal to nil. We ran the generator this morning to pump some water so people on our base have safe drinking water. Part of our security wall has collapsed in three places. Our team is making temporary barricades to maintain some security.

The magnitude of destruction because of this storm is beginning to show itself, and the flood surge has only begun. We will see flood waters continue to rise over the next 12-24 hours. Many villages around Bangula are currently underwater.

Tomorrow morning we are going to assist with rescues using our 2 boats."

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[Early flood pictures from the highway in Bangula, close to the Iris Malawi base.]

Please pray for the many thousands who have been displaced and lost everything, and for those who have lost loved ones. Your prayers and support encourage us, and with your partnership, we always have something to give. Thank you...




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