IMC Missionary Updates

October 2022 Anonymous Missionary - Asia Update

The persecution of believers has become much more extreme this past year. Churches are struggling under the tyranny. Yet we know that Jesus is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

So we do not stop the work that we are doing, which includes preparing and sending containers that are greatly needed to Mozambique and Malawi. In the natural, the costs of sending containers have increased severely since 2020.

April 2022 Anonymous Missionary Update

While this past season was challenging and often very difficult, in each situation that we encountered, God gave us the faith to minister what was needed at the moment. The greater the difficulties, the greater the need to trust and go deeper into the heart of Jesus. We rejoice in knowing that Jesus is here with us; He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

October 2021 Sarah Masson- Mkandawire Update

As shared in my previous updates, you know that due to circumstances in the world, I took a temporary leave from Iris Ministries Canada from March 2021 to August 2021. I have now returned to Iris Malawi to serve our friends here in ministry. I have been back in Malawi since the beginning of September 2021 with all three members of our new family, Chenela, myself, and our son, Buve. We are slowly getting our 16-month-old baby used to the weather, however, he is taking a lot longer with people as he was born in May 2020, during the early Covid lockdowns.

April 2021 Sarah Masson-Mkandawire Update

Life has been busy for our little family these past 6 months. Chenela finally made it out of Malawi’s locked down borders (when they opened in October) to meet his son for the first time. We were reunited in Canada and we have had a great and challenging time settling into parenthood together (as I’m sure all the parents can attest to). It is so much better than flying solo, as I did for 5 months.