IMC Missionary Updates

March 2012 David & Joanna Morrison Update

Once again, 2012 started with some health challenges in the Morrison home.  Kalina suffered another round of sinus infection.  We had a nasty virus run through the base.  Patrick was down for ten days with fever, a sore throat and exhaustion, most unlike my 16 year old action man.  Daniel had an episode of severe abdominal pain, which doctors think was caused by a small stone. In the midst of these challenges, villages around us suffered severe flooding.  Many homes were completely washed away, and others were damaged beyond repair. 

November 2011 Sarah Masson Update

"I have been living in Malawi since September 2010 and I have been a full time missionary for Iris Ministries since February 2011. In that time I have been doing a variety of things. From September 2010 to May 2011 I was working at the Iris primary school as well as working as an assistant to our base Director, David Morrison.

September 2011 David & Joanna Morrison Update

"We said goodbye to a good friend on September 7th this year. Our goodbyes were long-planned, but the circumstances were not expected. Daryl Martin together with his wife and children were scheduled to leave for Cambodia Sept.14th. They have become so much a part of our lives in these last two years that we knew our goodbyes would be sad. Jon who is 16 has become Patrick’s closest friend. They spent hours together creating, entertaining, chatting and solving life’s problems. Caleb who is 12 brought laughter wherever he went. He often came to say ‘Hi’ and hang out for a while.

August 2011 Linda Currie Update

"Where does the time go and how does it pass so quickly? It seems like only a month or so ago that I was writing an update, and here I am again. And once again I am here to tell you of how incredibly amazing our God is!

"Many things have taken place, but the most personal one was that I celebrated my 60th birthday here in Mozambique. It was such fun, and of course the children all laughed at how old I am…. After all, here 60 is considered to be ‘old’. The kids have told me that they would now have to call me ‘Vovo’ (grandmother), instead of Mama Linda.

December 2010 Linda Currie Update

“Once again it is time to reflect on the activities of the past several months here in Pemba of how God has moved in our midst, and look to his plans for the future months. This has been an incredibly busy time for me, as the missionary overseeing the kitchen. It has been a joy for me to assist and see some of my Mozambican brothers and sisters stepping out and trusting God as they take on new positions. There have also been some deep disappointments as others chose wrong paths. In it all I can see God moving, and I trust in his infinite goodness and wisdom.

June 2010 David & Joanna Morrison Update

“Mo wakens with the birds, before the sun is up, and heads to his office for coffee and quiet!  Jo hopes to waken at 6 a.m. in time for a walk before school, but will accept a cup of tea in bed and a bit of quiet if that doesn’t happen. Meanwhile, Kalina and Patrick like to get up at 6 and begin their school day. Daniel prefers the evenings, and gets up in time for 8 a.m. school. Thandi arrives at 8 a.m. to join us for our school day. At 8, we should all be up and ready to roll. We spend the first 2 hours doing math and language arts, and other independent subjects.