News from Heidi - January 19, 2008

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Dear friends,

I pray that your holidays were filled with joy celebrating Jesus’ birth. As I think through the greatest gifts of our lives, we are most grateful for friendship and family in Him. Thank you so much for your prayers for Rolland. Jesus has faithfully been healing him.

The Lord spoke to me to still go on our Asia tour. We ministered in Singapore, Seoul, China, Hong Kong and Philippines with our good friends Che Ahn, Dennis Balcombe, Lesley-Anne Leighton, Shara and Norberto along with a wonderful team. It brings my heart such joy to watch my spiritual sons and daughters preach alongside me as we run together as carriers of His glory. I am slowly learning to rest. I want to see more of God's beautiful children released to soar. How it encouraged my heart to hear from Dennis that many of the orphans (now in heaven) whom Rolland’s grandfather raised in China still have a profound spiritual impact on China today.

We are trusting the Lord to release a generational blessing on our own Mozambican children. He caught the Chinese children up into His glory in "Visions Beyond the Veil." They saw the Lord in heaven and fell in love with Jesus. These children were either martyred or, if they survived the terrible persecution, they became pillars in the underground Chinese church. How I long for our sons and daughters to become the next generation of leaders in our nation of Mozambique. We desire to see even more of this outpouring in our nation.

My greatest desire is to live each moment in His glorious presence. Please pray that the Holy Spirit completely overshadows our ministry this year. We started off our Asia journey in Singapore where thousands gathered in an exposition center. Jesus’ glorious presence came. A woman crippled in a wheelchair got up and danced with King Jesus! Of course the best thing was the Holy Spirit in and among us. Many gave their lives away as full-time servant lovers of Jesus. There was a tremendous hunger among the people of Korea. God was so faithful to come with His manifest presence and fill the people with a greater measure of His glory. I loved being with God’s people in China. It was a lot of fun to be able to speak Cantonese again.

Please pray for us as our nation has been hit yet again with terrible flooding. We long to feed 100,000 people a day. Some times I feel like running away from all the suffering, or at least not looking at it for a while. Then I hear Jesus asking me to look into His face and believe again. There is always enough because He died. Jesus will multiply the fish and loaves in His hands to feed our nation in our time of need. Because He died, there is more than enough! I will return home from Asia to mobilize our teams to minister to the people affected by the floods. Thank you for standing with us. Our friends are treasures to us.

Much love in Jesus,


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