Prayer in a Displacement Camp - March 29, 2019

Submitted by Joanna Morrison, Iris Malawi

Prayer in a Displacement Camp:

As we arrived at the camp, hundreds of people were already singing. I found a spot in the crowd and sat down in the dirt, much to the surprise and delight of all the women around me. I love looking around a crowd like that and making eye contact with individuals, exchanging smiles will little ones and old ladies alike. I enter their world, think about their losses, and the pressures they face, wit...h no house and no food, and hungry children. I let Jesus fill me with compassion. As the distribution begins, I begin to look for the sick and the hungry. I look for wounds on little feet. I look for bandages. I look for cataracts.

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On this day, I asked a lady who did not look well if I could pray for her. She was so open. When I stopped praying, there were 5 or 6 more women waiting for prayer. I made my way around the circle again and again for more than an hour. Every time I looked up, hungry eyes looked at me. Please pray for my deaf/mute daughter. Please pray for my eyes, my heart, my head. Please pray for my swollen knees. Please pray that I would stop eating dirt. Please pray for me.


That very morning, I had prayed a simple prayer: 'Open my eyes, Lord' and he did, every time I lifted my head. I could see Jesus in the hungry and the sick.

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