IMC Project Updates

Zimpeto 2022 Widow's Home Update

In October 2019, we wrote about one of our precious widows, Helena.


She lived in Hulene, very close to the garbage dump. Iris Ministries Canada was instrumental in rebuilding her broken-down house and supporting her care, partly by supporting a neighbour to check in on Helena and give her daily meals.

On our visits to Helena, she would remind me of when Heidi baptized her and her times of worship at the Hulene church and in Zimpeto.

October 2022 Iris Malawi Update

The weather in Malawi begins to cool down in April. By that I mean it drops into the 30s, and we breathe a sigh of relief. This year, Malawian farmers anxiously tended their winter crops, having lost everything in the two cyclones that devastated our region. 450 Iris churches gathered for regional Easter services for the first time in two years, and enjoyed being together again, all the sweeter for having been apart for so long.

October 2022 Zimpeto Child Reintegration Program Update

Covid guidelines and restrictions have required a scaled-down approach to reintegration, but we have continued to reintegrate children and youth into their family homes.

We provided many of our reintegrated children with basic food needs during the lockdowns.

New children and babies continued to be accepted into the centre, and those ready to leave were reintegrated back into families.

laz2 babies_0.jpeg

October 2022 Zimepto University Education Program Update

We are very proud of our youth at Zimpeto. In this report, we want to highlight one of our young men. Alimo successfully completed university and is now working on a large water project. In addition to this very focussed work, he is caring for two young men who live with him.

Alimo was awarded a certificate for his work with FIPAG (Fundo de Investimento e Património do Abastecimento de Água), which stands for Investment Fund for the Development and Sustainability of Water.

October 2022 Zimpeto Sewing & Carpentry Program Updates

Sewing Program:

Zimpeto is blessed to have such a fine sewing project and a wonderful teacher, Lourdes.

In 2021 we received a large donation of materials.

Alongside the regular training program, we invited back two of our graduates from the program, Virginia, and Sarah, to come in and make curtains and bed sheets for the new visitor's area. It also provided some supplementary income for the girls.


October 2022 Zimpeto Youth & Community Housing Update

While the Zimpeto centre offers a  loving environment, the desire for most children is to be part of a family.

It is not always possible to place a child back into their biological family, so we encourage our workers and pastors to possibly care for one of the youths who haven't the means to live in a family unit.

Dinis and his wife have looked after a young man for more than 4 years. With the assistance of IMC, we are extending their house, and looking for others with the same heart.