IMC Project Updates

October 2023 Iris Malawi Update

This has been a season of devastation and destruction in Malawi. Infrastructure was badly damaged when cyclone Freddy struck on March 12, 2023. This cyclone traversed the southern Indian Ocean for more than five weeks making it the longest lasting tropical cyclone ever recorded worldwide. The only road connecting Bangula to Blantyre became impassable when a bridge was completely washed away. We were stranded for two weeks until a temporary diversion road was constructed. Once again, God prepared us for the disaster.

October 2023 Zimpeto University Education Program Update

IMC supports children who otherwise would not have the opportunity to grow and prosper as adults. Whether street children, orphans, children abandoned by their parents, or disenfranchised youth, we present Jesus, Jesus as Lord of all, and give every student possible the opportunity to go to school and go on to higher education.

We are grateful to Dalberto Nuvunga (one of our Zimpeto youth) who completed his Masters in Business Administration and is now overseeing the program and the needs of all of the students.

October 2023 Zimpeto Community Infant Milk and Food Supplement Program Update

Infant Milk Supplement Program:

Melanin's Story:

Melanin’s mother was chronically ill when she gave birth so Melanin didn't receive sufficient breastmilk for the first few months of life. When her mother passed away a few months later, Melanin's father fed her milky water that remained from boiling rice. After three weeks her father noticed she was quite frail and brought her to our Community Milk Program. At 4½ months, Melanin was barely the size of a 2-month-old and was very weak.

October 2023 Zimpeto University Education Program Update

Many of the IMC community know that three years ago our Zimpeto Centre pastor, Nikko, passed away.

Nikko and his wife Laurinda have six children and have taken a seventh girl with no family into their home.

Four of the seven children (Helder, Cynthia, Nilza, and Anisetta) are currently studying at University and all are supported by IMC.

The entire family is a big part of our church family, and we are committed to caring for the families needs.

October 2023 Zimpeto Youth & Community Housing Program Update

Lidia is one of the many widows who faithfully and regularly attends our church.

At a recent visit to her house, we discovered Lidia's bathroom had collapsed, the roof leaked, and her home was without a secure door.

It was our joy with IMC's support to rebuild her toilet, put in a new roof and door, and build a wall to secure her property.

We were pleased to be able to give the job to a local builder - pastor Samuel. God is good!

October 2023 Zimpeto Sewing & Carpentry Program Updates

Sewing Program:

Iris Zimpeto was pleased to welcome a new teacher to the sewing program earlier this year.


Dulcie worked in our clinic many years ago, and her husband is one of the teachers/translators at the bible school. Already well known at the centre, it was an easy transition back. Dulcie began with part-time work, but in September will be full-time. We anticipate expanding the program at that time.