IMC Project Updates

April 2022 Zimpeto Widow's Home Update

Pictured below are three of our precious widows, living in their own homes, provided by Iris:
Vovo (Grandma) Rosalina was abandoned by her family after she had to have one of her legs amputated. She never had children. We provide caregivers to provide for her needs and cover the salary of the helpers who do her cleaning, cook, wash her clothes, and offer loving companionship.


April 2022 Iris Malawi Update

A cyclone is a system of winds rotating inwards to an area of low barometric pressure. We have experienced two significant cyclones over the last three months. The first one was called Ana, and she arrived on January 24th, damaging roads and houses, and leaving 190,000 people displaced. We experienced strong winds and heavy rain on the Iris base and woke to discover that the only road between Bangula and Blantyre had been severed in multiple places and that electricity would be out for an indefinite time - which turned out to be two weeks.  

April 2022 Zimpeto Youth and Community Housing Update

One of the most precious stories over the last year has been that of Amancio.

IMC and many other donors helped Amancio with emergency surgery in South Africa for a badly infected foot. His recovery was truly miraculous.

Following his surgery and recovery, Amancio's hope/request was to move off of the base and live with his sister and her husband. The house needed to have an extension added and be renovated on the inside.

April 2022 Zimpeto Bible School Update

A wonderful graduation service for another group of students who have now completed their final year (level 4) at the Zimpeto Bible School was held in November. All thanks go to Jesus!

 Through much hardship and several closures and re-openings of classes (due to the pandemic), these students endured the race and reached the finish line. The ceremony was gratifying, powerful, and fantastic.

Teachers, parents, pastors, and spouses attended the special day, recognizing the student's diligent efforts. A Ministry Diploma was given to each by the Principal of the bible school.

April 2022 Zimpeto Child Reintegration Program Update

Reintegration remains the primary focus of the children’s centre. The aim to reunite children with families is the end goal for all of the children we accept into the centre. When a child is accepted to live with us, we ensure that family ties are maintained whenever and wherever possible, by enabling children to go home for at least a weekend now and again, or even for part of their school holidays. This may require that families contribute by providing food, clothing, or bedding.

April 2022 Zimpeto University Education Program Update

Iris Zimpeto currently has more than 30 students studying at University. This is miraculous after so many years of only having the funds to offer a regular school on base (JK-Grade 12).

One of the students studying at University and supported by IMC is Ivan de Orlando. Ivan has lived at the Zimpeto base since 2001, when he was dropped at the centre, mistreated by his stepfather. He was weak and malnourished, and the doctors said he would never walk and that because of his condition, he would always be slow academically.