IMC Project Updates

April 2023 Zimpeto Bible School Update

We are excited to introduce you to our new director of the Zimpeto Bible School (January 2023). Antonio Carlos Cossa is a former student of the school who graduated in 2008). Antonio and his wife also serve at the Zimpeto Partners in Harvest Church.

pic 1 antonia_0_0_0.jpg

As you know from past reports, the Bible School was very limited in how it operated during the pandemic. We are happy to be back to teaching hungry students!

April 2023 Zimpeto Community Infant Milk and Food Supplement Program Update

Infant Milk Supplement Program:

Zaina was born on January 28th and came to us weighing 2.99 kg.

Her mother has breast cancer and cannot breastfeed. Additionally, the mother was abandoned by her husband and left at home with three girls, 9, 7, and baby Zaina.

Zaina’s mother told us that she used to have a small business but no longer does due to lack of money, and the need to care for the children on her own.

The milk program is a great help to her and the family.

April 2023 Zimepto University Education Program Update

We love Psalms 113:6-7. We love Psalms 113: 6-7. God is truly lifting the poor out of the dust.

In 1995, the Nuvunga family was one of the first families Iris helped.

Because of their extreme poverty, the ministry took all four of the Nuvunga boys (Tino, Noa, Domingos, and Dalberto) into their care at the Zimpeto Centre.

All boys completed their studies, are married, serving God in the community, and represent the Lord in their testimony.

April 2023 Zimpeto Youth & Community Housing Program Update

Maputo experienced devastating flooding in February. Hundreds of families/people from the local community came to us seeking help. Roofs, house walls, bathrooms, etc. were destroyed.

One of our graduates, Nonocha, lives in a badly flooded area. Her toilet and shower area (outside) were washed away.

Nonocha cares for three children on her own. Because IMC stepped in to assist us, we could send a construction team to build them a new facility quickly.

The generosity of IMC donors is providing hope for many. Thank you!

Zimpeto 2022 Widow's Home Update

In October 2019, we wrote about one of our precious widows, Helena.


She lived in Hulene, very close to the garbage dump. Iris Ministries Canada was instrumental in rebuilding her broken-down house and supporting her care, partly by supporting a neighbour to check in on Helena and give her daily meals.

On our visits to Helena, she would remind me of when Heidi baptized her and her times of worship at the Hulene church and in Zimpeto.