IMC Project Updates

April 2010 Southern Malawi Ministry Centre Update

"The clear blue skies with intense sunshine return once again over Bangula as the rainy season draws to a close. The rains have not been much to brag about this year, at least here in the southern district of Malawi. In fact, the lack of rain has caused great concern among thousands of families who have had their crops destroyed by the drought during December and January. Some fortunate enough to have found more seed, have persisted, planting again, yet have very little to show.

December 2009 Zimpeto Bible School Update

"The last four months have been very exciting. We have initiated a new bible school recruiting program which will help us identify and bring in new students, and have started discipleship training programs in local churches. We believe that this will better prepare and provide for the students who come to study at our bible school. We believe that many more believers will be equipped and blessed because of this program, and that churches will be strengthened.

December 2009 Southern Malawi Ministry Centre Update

“Our Iris Malawi base is growing and changing. The walls are going up on four new children’s homes. This will mean big changes for everyone, including our new children and house parents.  We will double our number in terms of beds, food, uniforms, schooling, clothes…everything!  Other new buildings include a home for Timothy Makwalo, our Bible school director, and a home for Daryl and Rebecca Martin, who have come to host our visitors. Our Visitor Centre is up and running, with beds for 16, a kitchen, showers, and a lovely rondavel outside where there always seems to be a lovely breeze.

June 2009 Southern Malawi Ministry Centre Update

Hello from Malawi! Here in Bangula, right in the southern tip of Malawi, we are so privileged to be part of what God is doing. We recently graduated 50 pastors at the Bible school, and sent them out from one end of the country to the other. We pray for lasting fruit in their families, churches, and villages. We have four children’s homes on site, with 12 children in each home along with their Malawian house parents. The kids are growing in all ways. It is great to see them grow physically after some months of good food. At school, they are growing in their capacity to learn.

June 2009 Zimpeto Sewing and Carpentry Program Update

It has been a busy time for Betty and me. We sold our home back in Canada and spent most of our time there deciding what we wanted to keep or sell and what to put into storage. We also helped our youngest daughter set herself up in an apartment. While we were In Canada, the team here expanded the sewing room to twice its size. Betty and the girls now have more room to sew. The girls are progressing in their sewing skills to include quilt making, draperies and dress making. It's wonderful to see them grow; the sewing room has an atmosphere of joy that keeps them coming!

December 2008 Southern Malawi Ministry Centre

"Iris Malawi has grown significantly in the last year. We have completed
our two primary school buildings, and a kitchen / dining room facility
that will serve both the bible school and the primary school, as well as
the many staff. With 50 children on site, 50 student pastors, and
many workers, there is a constant buzz of activity. A dormitory for
visitors is well under construction, as well as a house for Timothy and his family (one of our national leaders who is directing the bible school).

December 2008 Zimpeto Bible School Update

"There has been much activity and excitement surrounding the bible school since our last update. One of the highlights has been hosting the first ever "International Leaders School of Ministry", put together by a team from the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship in Canada. Leaders from the UK and South Africa took part as well. The students from the bible school, pastors from all over southern Mozambique, and even provincial leaders from the central provinces were in attendance. It was an absolutely amazing time for them.

December 2008 Zimpeto Child Reintegration Program Update

By the end of October we finalized approximately 300 home visits for 2008
and had a preliminary list of 23 probable younger children and youth who
could return home to their families.  In the first week of November we
met personally with each of these kids/youth and talked to them about
moving back with their families. We answered any questions and concerns
they had. Some of course were reluctant to return, but after some
encouragement from the team, all left agreeing that this was the best

December 2008 Zimpeto Widows' Home Update

Our first widows' home opened in November 2008, through the generosity of Iris Canada donors. We have named the house "Seed of Hope".  Hopefully over the next 6 weeks we will move up to 8 widows and a caregiver into the house, located about 50 metres from our Zimpeto property. The women will work on our farm as well as re-start the chicken project.

[Steve Lazar, Director of Zimpeto Centre, with Francisco, their Administrator]