IMC Project Updates

February 2005 Southern Malawi Ministry Centre Update

Much has changed in the year and a half that the Morrisons have been in Malawi. “It has been so exciting to see things expand. Two dorms to house the pastors, a second classroom and a washroom have been built. We are beginning to dig a second well, and just recently received electrical power on the site. Plans are in place to begin an orphan home, and to build a guest house for visitors.

August 2004 Southern Malawi Ministry Centre Update

“The Bible school is such a blessing. The school has now graduated three groups of fifty pastors each from the first year program. It is wonderful to watch the pastors learn and grow in their three month time at the Bible school. Following up with the Iris pastors and their families means long drives on bumpy roads which don't often see vehicles. This is a large piece of what we do.

Southern Malawi Ministry Centre - Bangula, Malawi

The number of rural churches in southern Malawi is growing rapidly. It is imperative that the new pastors of these churches receive regular training. Iris Ministries Canada has undertaken this need, now that the Lord has led a Canadian pastor and his wife to give leadership. David and Joanna Morrison and their young family moved to Bangula in September 2003 to direct the new Bible school, and classes began two weeks later.