IMC Project Updates

Zimpeto University Education Program

Iris Zimpeto operates a school on base that educates youth from kindergarten through grade 12. There are currently 710 primary students and 740 secondary students. The majority come from extremely poor backgrounds. Education is what affords hope and change for their future.

Many do not finish high school because of the many hardships they face. Others go on to learn skilled trades, the carpentry and sewing programs being examples of this. Many others have both the capability and desire to attend university.

October 2021 Iris Malawi Update

Family dynamics are continually changing, especially when your family includes 60 young adults. We have seven family homes on our base, including one home for young women who will soon be moving on to independence. Each family has joy and sadness, laughter and tears, depending on the day and the coming and going of young adults.

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October 2021 Zimpeto Sewing and Carpentry Program Updates

Sewing Program:

As Covid has continued to impact life on the base these past months, the sewing program has been operational in a scaled-down manner.

We are delighted by the new spacious sewing room that has been built. We eagerly await filling the room and using it at capacity.

Our sewing teacher, Mama Lourdes has continued to support the centre by helping with many projects that support the children's dorms. Most recently, some of the girls have made curtains for the new dorms. We are hopeful that our full-on ‘moving in day’ will be very soon.

October 2021 Zimpeto Youth and Community Housing Program Update

In 2020 the Zimpeto team shared the great need for housing within the community. Because of the generosity of IMC's donors, we rejoiced in helping extend the reintegration housing project to include those in the local community.

So much of the community around the base live in houses that are either falling apart and need a rebuild, or need serious repairs.

October 2021 Zimpeto Widow's Home Update

One of our community pastors introduced us to Helena, a widow who lives in the community.

Helena was living in a tin shed, so the local church that supports her is currently in the process of building her a concrete block house. The pastor of local churc approached Iris to ask for our help because the church was not able to meet the added covid building code requirements. We have a builder currently finishing the windows, doors, roof, and bathroom.