IMC Project Updates

April 2021 Iris Malawi Update

October seems such a long time ago, but as I look back, I can see that God has been at work. October and November were interminably hot here in Bangula, most days reaching well into the 40s and setting a record over 50 degrees Celsius. Since schools were still closed at that point due to COVID-19, students were studying under trees or fans, but even that was hard to sustain. Much time was spent in the pool, getting dive-bombed by bats and birds desperate for a drink.

Zimpeto Youth and Community Housing Program

Everyone needs a place that they call home; a place where they and their families can live in safety and peace, in a community. We are grateful for the privilege of being able to come alongside both individuals and families and help them with housing. The situations are typically one of three.
When our young people who have lived at the centre for much if not all of their lives turn 18, Government regulations require that they must leave the centre.

April 2021 Zimpeto Bible School Update

As was shared in our October 2020 update, in the face of Covid, classes had to be canceled and creative ways found to continue teaching our students. The last was all distance learning using WhatsApp groups.  

Every week we interact with students who are eager to come back to school, as we wait for authorization from the government for the return of regular classes. We have had many new students enrolling, especially in our final fourth-year level.

April 2021 Zimpeto Community Infant Milk and Food Supplement Program Update

Infant Milk Supplement Program:

Delfa was admitted to the Community Infant Milk Program in 2020. She was the result of rape, and her mother refused to care. By her 5th day of life, she was malnourished, dehydrated, and had lost 0.27kg of her 3.1kg birth weight. Her mother’s sister-in-law took the baby into her home to care for her as her own, and named her Delfa, which means ‘royal first born’.


April 2021 Zimpeto Widows' Home Update

We are currently caring for 3 widows in the community. Rosalina (whom we have shared about with you before), once alone, abandoned by family, and unable to walk because of amputation to one of her legs, is deeply grateful and at peace, knowing that all of her food, hygiene needs, and social support needs are cared for. The woman who provides for much of Rosalina’s care by doing her cooking, cleaning, and washing, is completely blind. We are grateful to be able to care for this woman's needs as well.

September 2020 Zimpeto Widows' Home Update

We continue to oversee the care of widows in the community. Pictured here is Rosalina. This precious one is blind and lost a leg through amputation. Rosalina never had children, and her family members abandoned her years ago. This IMC project supplies the finances that guarantee Rosalina’s food, all of her hygienic needs, and pays for a woman who does Rosalina's cleaning, washing, and cooking.