Zimpeto Widow's Home

Zimpeto 2022 Widow's Home Update

In October 2019, we wrote about one of our precious widows, Helena.


She lived in Hulene, very close to the garbage dump. Iris Ministries Canada was instrumental in rebuilding her broken-down house and supporting her care, partly by supporting a neighbour to check in on Helena and give her daily meals.

On our visits to Helena, she would remind me of when Heidi baptized her and her times of worship at the Hulene church and in Zimpeto.

April 2022 Zimpeto Widow's Home Update

Pictured below are three of our precious widows, living in their own homes, provided by Iris:
Vovo (Grandma) Rosalina was abandoned by her family after she had to have one of her legs amputated. She never had children. We provide caregivers to provide for her needs and cover the salary of the helpers who do her cleaning, cook, wash her clothes, and offer loving companionship.


October 2021 Zimpeto Widow's Home Update

One of our community pastors introduced us to Helena, a widow who lives in the community.

Helena was living in a tin shed, so the local church that supports her is currently in the process of building her a concrete block house. The pastor of local churc approached Iris to ask for our help because the church was not able to meet the added covid building code requirements. We have a builder currently finishing the windows, doors, roof, and bathroom.

April 2021 Zimpeto Widows' Home Update

We are currently caring for 3 widows in the community. Rosalina (whom we have shared about with you before), once alone, abandoned by family, and unable to walk because of amputation to one of her legs, is deeply grateful and at peace, knowing that all of her food, hygiene needs, and social support needs are cared for. The woman who provides for much of Rosalina’s care by doing her cooking, cleaning, and washing, is completely blind. We are grateful to be able to care for this woman's needs as well.

September 2020 Zimpeto Widows' Home Update

We continue to oversee the care of widows in the community. Pictured here is Rosalina. This precious one is blind and lost a leg through amputation. Rosalina never had children, and her family members abandoned her years ago. This IMC project supplies the finances that guarantee Rosalina’s food, all of her hygienic needs, and pays for a woman who does Rosalina's cleaning, washing, and cooking.

April 2018 Zimpeto Widows' Home Update

Today we visited Mana Salema in her house. She is old and frail but loves our visits. We bring juice and biscuits, and of course she needs money to buy chicken!

Steve 4_0.jpg

Like most people, her biggest issue is loneliness….she asked us to take her to the beach.

All of us need others to spend time with us. We assume that is why Jesus says caring for widows is “pure”. They have nothing to give us except a chat or a smile.