September 2011 David & Joanna Morrison Update

"We said goodbye to a good friend on September 7th this year. Our goodbyes were long-planned, but the circumstances were not expected. Daryl Martin together with his wife and children were scheduled to leave for Cambodia Sept.14th. They have become so much a part of our lives in these last two years that we knew our goodbyes would be sad. Jon who is 16 has become Patrick’s closest friend. They spent hours together creating, entertaining, chatting and solving life’s problems. Caleb who is 12 brought laughter wherever he went. He often came to say ‘Hi’ and hang out for a while. He loved to play games with anyone who would join him. Rebekah was a very close friend for me (Joanna), and I miss her deeply. Daryl did not depart with them on the 14th as planned.  

[Joanna and Rebekah, the day Rebekah and the boys departed]

"Daryl wanted a last picture of an elephant. While visiting a game park not far from us, he caught sight of a group of elephants. Without a backward glance, he took off with camera in hand. As he dropped out of sight, the elephants loomed on his left. The elephants chased Daryl, and killed him. It all seemed so unbelievable to those of us who heard the story later. How could it be?  

"This is our update. We are devastated and yet filled with hope. We know that God is in control, and in him there are no accidents. We know that we will see Daryl one day. We know that he is with Jesus even now. His faith lives on in the children he loved, and in our lives. He touched us with laughter and fun. He gave outrageously. He anticipated great things.  

"The ordinary things continue: home schooling, kids’ clubs, health care, bike rides, and women’s’ meetings. And yet nothing feels ordinary. There are tears to shed, and memories to treasure.  There are priorities to shift, and investments to make. How do we spend our time?  How do we spend our money?  It is not for us to know the times and the dates, but what will the Father find us doing? Will he find faith in our small corner of the earth?"