September 2014 Sarah Masson Update


This past 6 months has been a time of change, shaking up, and asking God “what is the plan here?  Am I going to stay in Malawi for longer or am I coming to an end?” I think these questions come up in anyone's personal ministry when changes occur. “Do I still fit here God, what am I ‘doing’?” Thankfully, after a lot of unnecessary sweating and anxiousness, God has revealed to me recently that I'm going to be in Malawi at least until February 2016 when my OHIP runs out, and at that time I will wait on the Lord to see if I'm meant to stay on after that date.

Since we lost a few international missionaries due to changes in their lives last year, a few roles needed to be covered.  And so for the last school year I was assisting the Secondary students that were boarding in Blantyre, a 3 hour journey from their home at Iris. I continued to ‘sort of’ maintain my administrative duties, but they also took a back seat to our booming visitor season in May, June, July and August this year! WOW! It's exciting how many visitors we have had and what an impact they have had on the Iris children, building projects, and spiritual maintenance of the base!

Sarah 2_0.jpg

Many victories have come for me in a year full of challenges as well! I climbed a mountain! Mount Mulanje to be specific. Some you may be thinking ‘wow, that's cool she climbed a mountain’, but actually it’s a miracle of God's goodness! When I was 12 I was diagnosed with JRA (juvenile rheumatoid arthritis). As I got older I still had it… then when I was about 24/25 years old, God healed me from arthritis. Literally, no joke! I have joints that I didn't used to have! The rheumatologist looked at my history of x-rays and then looked at my new scans and said, "I know by your medical history that you have had arthritis for many years. However, if I didn't have your medical history sitting here in front of me, I would say you never even had it to begin with! As a Dr. I can say that you are in remission!" And for me, I thought God gets the Glory on this one! He totally healed me of chronic illness! He set me free! Free to walk, run and play games! He set me free so I could board a plane to Africa and meet the most beautiful children I've ever met in my life! Children that have forever been placed in my heart. Children that I will never be able to leave! I know that sometimes people think healings are so 'weird and for the wild christians'… hahaha! I too thought that for a long time! God didn't want to heal me; He had bigger and better things to do. You can ask my friends from camp and school about my health and if I was able to participate in activities - they would say, "Sarah would always try her hardest but some things she just couldn't do because it was too painful”, or that “She would give 110% then sleep for 3 days after…haha!" God has always provided for me.  

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Another amazing victory was when I got the most beautiful letter of thanks from a young man in Secondary school. He wrote me to thank me for the way that I care for all the students. It wasn't about what I gave them physically in toilet paper or flashlights - It was about how I had been like a mother that they didn't have and how I showed them motherly love. Man, do I ever love those kids! It's amazing! God is doing miracles and changing lives in the daily interactions of life. I was and I am still blown away by the tender words of this letter. It is as if Jesus wrote it to me Himself!

I could write all day about the amazing things God is doing in Malawi! One more thing is that God brought this amazing couple, Rick and Nancy Burrows, to Malawi to preach in the North of Malawi. I think God sent them just to rescue me from the everyday life! We drove up to the furthest point in Malawi with Timothy Makwalo, our Bible School Director.  It was an amazing time to be refreshed with what God has called me to do in Malawi. I'm meant to bring faith and freedom! It is easy to slip into being afraid of things, however God (Rick and Nancy) pulled me out that fear of living free! God released me into my true calling again! It is to love people one on one, bring freedom and live in faith - by doing these things other people will be free!

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Praying for people at the conference in Bangula was so special as well! I couldn't figure out why so many elderly ladies were coming back to me for prayer in the sessions.  I found out that people came to me for prayer because they were seeing and hearing people getting healed! Amazing! I just hugged some older ladies and they broke down crying, like seriously sobbing. I’m pretty sure I had boogers all over me at the end of the ministry time! The worship leader's wife (who I didn't know at the time) was getting delivered! Jesus reigns in Malawi and He wants His people to be free! Please pray for the women of Malawi. God showed me that if the grandmas of the area grab hold of His truths, then they will change the whole atmosphere of the district! Exciting! Please continue to pray for healing for these ladies that we prayed for, and all who were prayed for at the conference - that they may continue to know His presence and live as if they do!

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I'm home in Canada for a break for several reasons now, including getting my passport renewed, visiting my dad who continues to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, going to the doctor, the dentist etc. Please pray for my restoration and renewal and that God continues to reveal His love to me for others! I'm offering to do some small jobs for some cash to fix my truck in Malawi. After several ministry trips, driving kids to and from Secondary and picking up visitors from the Airport - Let's just say it needs a major overhaul!!

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I'm praying for miracles! God doesn't see money like we do, so I know it's possible! I'm believing for the impossible to become possible! Amen! Love to you all, andthank you for supporting me!

Ps. It was a miracle that mom visited me! My second personal visitor in 4.5 years!

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