December 2022 Iris Malawi Children of Hope Update

Children of Hope:  by Tatenda Dzimbiri  - Caring for the most vulnerable in rural Malawi.


Samuel and Aaron were orphaned in 2019. They now live with their elderly grandparents in a village called near Bangula. 



Stephen & Esther love their grandchildren and work hard to provide for their daily food and safety. Life is not easy in the harsh environment they live in, where food security is an ongoing challenge for the poor. Stephen is physically weak, leaving Esther to serve as the primary caregiver preparing meals, pounding the maize, searching for firewood for cooking, and cultivating their small garden where they grow vegetables.  



Iris was concerned about the terrible condition of their home and decided to help. Thanks to a concerned donor, Iris was able to build a toilet and bathing room, a sheltered cooking area, and upgrade their home with new windows, concrete floor, and exterior plaster for protection from pounding rains.  


Now, their lives have changed! Their improved home is clean and safe. It promotes healthy living, space for the boys to do their school homework, and sleep more comfortably. Esther particularly appreciates the roof over her new kitchen that provides shade from the sun and protection from the rain.  





The family is overjoyed with this gift and does not take the generosity of caring supporters for granted. They are truly thankful and blessed.