January 2011 David & Joanna Morrison Update

"I love these years!  As the kids grow into adults, I relish the opportunities I have for conversation and for stimulation.  Working with Patrick on the question of whether God the Father has a physical form, or learning about zoology with Kalina, or reading a poem written by Daniel, I realize that time has a way of rolling on.  We won’t always have these opportunities. I have been so thankful to have help in home schooling this year in the person of Nusha Protas.  What a tremendous gift!  Certainly, we face many challenges as a family.  The extreme temperatures can make us all a little short tempered. The computer becomes an easy way out on days like that.  Football is certainly not enticing when you sweat just sitting. Loneliness hits all of us at various times. We are so thankful for the Martins who joined us this last year from Arizona. They have two boys, Jon and Caleb, who have become very much part of the family.  Jon and Patrick spend a lot of time together playing chess, roaming the base, or just chatting.  Jon is a puzzler and we enjoy that pastime together. Caleb brings life wherever he goes and we enjoy his company. As I write, the Martins are in Arizona, and we are all missing them.  

"We have had health challenges this year. Mo has struggled with hip pain for the last few years, but the pain became unbearable in October.  On examination at CURE Hospital, we found that he needed to have a hip replacement. Nov.8th Mo had a hip replacement in South Africa.  It turns out, the hip was broken and the bone slivers were what caused the pain. We are so thankful that arthritis was not the primary cause of the deterioration.  He was able to return to Malawi in just over 3 weeks, and he is quickly gaining mobility. In the meantime, I (Jo) suffered with kidney stones, which seem to have resolved now.  Kalina has also had serious sinusitis which involved a very swollen eye, and a trip to the hospital for a CT scan. She had had headaches for months, and now we know why! Thankfully, the headaches have stopped, and she is her normal joyful self.  Praise God!  "

[Kalina is a great independent learner]

"Mo brought home flowers from town last night. What a great reminder that life is for celebrating, and for love.  As I looked over our children on New Years’ Day, I noticed little Peter (aged 4), snuggled up to Thandy (one of our oldest boys), and I suddenly pictured each of our children with their own families snuggling their children, and I gave thanks. God is creating a culture of affectionate love that will have a deep impact in the generations to come. What joy to see it happening!"

[Big brother....little brother....]