October 2019 David & Joanna Morrison Update

The Morrison home is much quieter these days, particularly when the Iris kids are at school. Joanna has been focused on writing and mentoring house parents, while David continues to oversee the day to day running of the ministry, working closely with Timothy Makwalo and other national leaders.  


As a result of our Arrow Leadership Training, we have been able to adjust our leadership style to be less directive and more enabling. One physical change has been in David’s office. He has redesigned the office to get out from behind a desk, and to invite participation as we sit around a table. This is symbolic of a shift in our heads towards a mentoring mindset.

Once school is out, the house gets busier with children wanting to play, or read, or chat. As the Iris children grow up, more time is needed for equipping them to make healthy choices. We now have 99 children, 21 of whom are grown, 5 of whom are in committed relationships, 4 of whom are parents (so yes, I have four grandchildren).  We have 30 secondary students and the remaining 40 are at primary school.  This season of launching young adults into the world is challenging.