January 2018 David & Joanna Morrison Update

Refreshing Rain  Update from Joanna and David Morrison:

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Dear Friends, 

Some of you may be wondering what happened to us!  We returned to Malawi (followoing our Sabbatical time) in early December, and today in Bangula we are enduring very high temperatures in anticipation of beautiful rain.  Please pray that more rain does come, as the crops (which are much stronger than usual) are really needing a drink in the next few days.
We feel like we have had that refreshing drink that brings a plant from the brink of death back to life.  Refreshing came in the form of unscheduled time in Canada particularly with our 3 Morrison kids, and with our extended family.  It came in some lovely long bicycle rides with people he loves for David.  It came in the form of a cup of tea with various friends for me.  Refreshing came as we spent time in the Gospels and wrote our autobiographies in preparation for the Arrow Leadership Program.  It came through books and quiet walks. 

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Photo:  David & Joanna at the top of Cerros Alta mountain near Morrow Bay, California.

In November, David and I went exploring in California.  We went back to the place where David went to college, and walked some beautiful beaches.  At Everyday Church in North County, San Luis Obispo, we were surprised by some very direct and specific prophetic words from complete strangers.  God spoke words of refreshing and promise.

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Photo:  Walking through the vast dunes on the coast near Santa Maria, California.

Christmas back in Malawi was different this time.  Kalina, my Christmas elf, was not here, but others stepped in and did a marvelous job preparing 100 gifts with love.  Other kids took part decorating our little tree.  As our Iris family gathered from secondary school and university, the energy increased.  Christmas morning was beautiful and sunny, and the kids enjoyed hearing the Christmas story and receiving their gift.  That afternoon many of our older boys braved torrential rains to roast our usual chicken feast over hot coals in preparation for Christmas dinner.

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Photo:  Celebrating Christmas with vulnerable and orphaned children in the community.
In January, David and I travelled to Arizona for our first Arrow Leadership residential training week.  There we received excellent teaching and met our small groups and mentors for the next 18 months.  What we are learning at Arrow has direct application every day as we enter into a season of intentional mentoring of leaders here in Malawi.  
There were so many good things at Arrow, but here are two, one from me and one from David.  Mine comes from Dallas Willard who said:  'Ruthlessly eliminate hurry from your life.'  I am thankful for less hurry in Malawi, but I am still working on eliminating what hurry there is.  I am really trying to say 'no' to the many things in order to say 'yes' to the one necessary thing, whatever that may be for this day or this moment.
David, was inspired to reflect after reading Dan Allender’s book, ‘To Be Told’ and became more aware of the themes that God has written in his life through the years.  David’s life is HIStory, and God can use this story to minister to others.  God also invites us to join Him in coauthoring the rest of our story as we follow God into the future.
Thank you for your continued love and prayers to us and to our large Malawi family.  We are grateful for your support as we serve on mission in Malawi.