March 2015 David & Joanna Morrison Family Update

Sometimes I think it would be good to install a revolving door at our house. We have many different people coming through that door.

Last week, we had a group of kids with Cerebral Palsy visit us. Kalina has been doing a project for school on CP and we decided to invite the mums to bring their kids for a visit. We wanted to hear their stories, introduce them to one another, and talk about practical things they can do for their kids. Most of these kids had a traumatic entry into this world. Their mums did not know anything was wrong until their child failed to sit or crawl at the normal time. Each one has a personality, and we enjoyed getting to know them and their courageous mothers. One of the boys loved to dance while we sang, and kept insisting on more songs. Another one loved playing with a football. One of the mums had been to Cure Hospital and been given some instruction on stretching and exercise. She was eager to share what she had learned.


[Cerebral Palsy group visit at the Morrison house.]

Kalina has also been running a music pups class for our little ones. It is great to hear them singing and laughing with each other. They love the rhythm instruments and dancing around. It is a good skill for Kalina as she plans and prepares the classes, and leads the children in whatever mood she finds them.  


[Kalina, the big sister!] 

Daniel has taken on the job of battery maintenance on the base. We have 6 big batteries on the base which provide back-up power and need to be topped up with distilled water regularly. On top of that, together with David Walker, Daniel has set up a still to make his own distilled water. This year, Daniel has enjoyed being involved in some engineering projects with a visiting engineer. This involved getting the trusses up for the training centre, no small feat without a crain. He also enjoys maintaining our trees with his dad. This is a big job. We are able to supply most of our own firewood this way.


[Daniel getting some experience as an engineer by working side by side Dave Dyck on the Joe Martin Skills Training Centre.]

Many of our visitors in the house come to see Daniel for some math tutoring, or for some time on the computer. Some just come to hang out, or to get a new book. Kalina is the official librarian and maintains the library, making sure books get signed in and out. At the end of a few months, she often has to go and round up missing books. We pray that these books would provide a doorway to a wider world.

Kalina and I run a wound care clinic on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Lately, we have been overwhelmed with scabies cases. It is so difficult to control these bugs where people are living in close quarters and water and soap are scarce. The result is miserable children with horribly infected hands. We also have some regular patients, whose wounds have lasted a long time. One young man has been coming for more than 2 years and his wound is just about to close over. This ministry requires perseverance and I find I often have to pray, 'God, help!'


[Joanna helping those with scabies.]


[Kalina nursing wounds.]

Recently, I had a visit from a mother and her father-in-law who came with a little baby born with one leg. They were so upset, and filled with shame when they arrived. The baby was happy and healthy. We chatted for a long time about why these things happen, and how they could care for the baby. As we talked and I played with the baby, their faces relaxed. I talked about all the things this child could do, and even showed them a video of a man without arms or legs who has done amazing things. They were encouraged, and I was blessed to meet them, and to be able to bring hope.

Sometimes on a Friday night, you can find David on the couch with 10 little boys on and around him watching a movie. Lately, they have discovered play-people and make up elaborate stories involving the people and especially the cars. They also love to draw and paint. Puzzles have also become popular in the last few weeks. For David, after a long day of administration and reports, this time is a gift, to do what he loves most, loving children!

One of the joys of living in Africa is that we eat lunch together every day as a family. This is a time I treasure, an opportunity to catch up and share what we are learning.  Sometimes, we include others in our family circle, and enjoy our lunch together. We appreciate your support and your prayers, as we endeavour to live life as children of the light.


[Daniel having some fun on a rope swing in the highlands of Thyolo.]