October 2023 Jen Jewett Update

Wow, what a whirlwind my first few months have been back with Iris have been! I returned to full-time ministry with the Iris team in mid-April to take the lead on opening our new house of prayer project, and within the first couple of weeks, I scouted out and found the location for it!

The doors have been flying open here to make way for this house of prayer to happen, and after ten years of praying into this for open doors and the right timing, we are thrilled that the time has finally come!

The house of prayer called The Well is located in the very heart of one of the largest red-light districts in Phnom Penh. It is an area where we have been working out on the streets with the children and families since Iris was planted here over ten years ago, and now God has provided a place where we can call our own, and go to pray and worship over that area and the country.

jenn try_0_0.jpg

[The view of the red light district from the balcony of our prayer room.]

The past few months I have been working hard to develop all that goes on at The Well. We host community worship nights, open to partner organizations here and anyone who wants to come to worship together in the community.

We have just started to have monthly prayer nights focused on praying for that red light area and Cambodia, and we are about to introduce soaking worship times as well. The room is also available to book for anyone who would like to come for individual or group prayer & worship time, and we have plans to start discipleship groups with some of the women and families working and living in that area as well.

jenn team_0.jpeg

[A few of our team at our very first prayer time in our new prayer room.]

On our last worship night, the room was full! God has been drawing so many hungry people to join us in worship that we are already praying for Him to provide even more space for us in the building or in that general area so we can continue to grow and expand the work he is doing there.

Jenn worship_0.jpeg

[Community worship night.]

Overall it's a very exciting time joining back up with the Iris team here. It feels like the prayers we have been sewing for all these years are finally starting to sprout and grow with supernatural acceleration, and we are all so excited to be along for the ride and to see all that God has for this beautiful nation and its people!