September 2012 David & Joanna Morrison Update

We are certainly entering a new season in the Morrison household. How did our children grow up so fast?  Patrick is in Canada for 3 months, testing his feet in Canadian culture. We are so thankful for friends and family who welcomed him into their homes and holidays! He had the opportunity to visit his Morrison cousins, to work at Pioneer camp for one session, to get his driving license, and to see Newfoundland by motorcycle. Now he is helping out on the family farm in Ottawa and spending time with his Patrick cousins. He is beginning to spread his wings, and we are grateful for God’s hand in his life. Daniel is growing in wisdom and favour with God.  These days he is schooling himself, delving into all kinds of subjects I know nothing about, and surprising me with insight and understanding. He has many friends on the base and his Chichewa is improving all the time.  Kalina is only an inch behind me, and often steps into my shoes. It is a delight to lead kids’ clubs with her, and to see her thrive in heading up games and drama. Recently I asked if perhaps I could become her assistant!


[Kalina and Daniel help carry Rose (Iris girls house mother) on a stretcher through the Bangula gorge where Rose’s wheel chair was unable to travel.  Rose was thrilled to have had the opportunity to see this beautiful area for the first time.]

As I adjust to different needs at home, I find my heart turning to other opportunities. I recently went on a two week outreach to our central and northern churches. I became a child as I learned to sleep on a bamboo mat in a mud hut, and bathe in a bucket. I loved being in the villages and teaching in these young churches.  Everywhere we went women told us about their bondage to witchcraft, and their fear. It was an awesome privilege to tell them about the perfect love we know in Christ which casts out fear. I was immersed in Chichewa from morning to night, which was a great joy. My friendships with our Malawian leaders went deeper and wider, as we slept, ate, and travelled together.  

David is enjoying the children. He can often be found going on a hike or a bike ride, and making discoveries with 8 or 10 children in tow. Recently, one of the boys turned over a rock and discovered a scorpion the size of his hand. David and Patrick have taken up mountain biking with a new passion. They participated in the Luwawa International Race in June. Patrick placed 14th, and David finished a very challenging route in the mountains of Mzuzu. They have been training together with Daniel in preparation for this coming year’s race.