September 2014 David & Joanna Morrison Family Update

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[Joanna embraces a village girl.]

Joanna together with a team of national women, have been leading women’s ministry sessions in the villages. Recently, they spent four Thursday afternoons in the village of Nyamithuthu, teaching about the Trinity, and it's reflection in human relationships. The women so appreciated the opportunity to learn, and often finished the afternoon by saying they were not yet full. Sarah Makwalo’s leadership has been so encouraging. Though she cannot read, she stores the Word in her heart, and shares what the Lord has shown her. It is so relevant and refreshing for the women. Kalina and Alex Loten, together with a team of young people, have provided a children’s program, fully in Chichewa of course. Kalina continues to blossom as a very capable young leader, known locally as “The Missionary”, reflective of her caring heart and ability to engage Malawians with a pure understanding of their culture. Joanna is also teaching at the Bible school about ‘ministry to and with children’ and also frequently preaches on a Sunday morning.

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[Joanna praying for woman so hungry for more of the Lord.]

Together, David & Joanna, oversee the seven childrens’ homes on base, encouraging and training house parents, and helping them to take on more complete responsibility for the homes. Our days are filled with what seems to be a never ending line of needs found in all families, but with this family being 79 children strong, we are both quite relieved at the end of the day when a hush blankets the base after the children go to bed.  

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[The growing Iris family.]

The past year was difficult being so far away from Patrick who had returned to Canada to complete Gr.12 at Kings Collegiate in Oakville. We are so grateful for family and friends who have continued to be so supportive of our family, even taking in our son, as the Roebbelen’s did. It was a joy to have Patrick back at home in Malawi for three weeks in August before heading back to start as a student at McMaster University. While in Malawi, Patrick taught some of the Iris boys his wrestling moves which turned out to be one of Patrick’s favorite sports last year at Kings.  

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[The Morrisons out on a Sunday afternoon hike at the Bangula gorge with some of our Iris children.]

Daniel is very serious about his home schooling, loving mathematics with a passion, and often found tutoring both our Iris primary and secondary learners who are struggling. He and David are taking mountain biking very seriously, which has proved to be a healthy escape for David from being overwhelmed by ministry demands, and a venue for wonderful father and son time. Away from base, they have explored new trails that have taken them far into the bush, discovering villages rarely visited by westerners, and landscapes displaying beauty that refreshes the soul.        

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[Daniel with a few Iris bikers.]

Pray for us as we continue to discover ways to lead the ministry of Iris Africa Malawi to a greater level of sustainability. This involves training the national leaders further so that they can learn to carry more of the vision, management, leadership and administration.