Zimpeto University Education Program

October 2023 Zimpeto University Education Program Update

IMC supports children who otherwise would not have the opportunity to grow and prosper as adults. Whether street children, orphans, children abandoned by their parents, or disenfranchised youth, we present Jesus, Jesus as Lord of all, and give every student possible the opportunity to go to school and go on to higher education.

We are grateful to Dalberto Nuvunga (one of our Zimpeto youth) who completed his Masters in Business Administration and is now overseeing the program and the needs of all of the students.

October 2023 Zimpeto University Education Program Update

Many of the IMC community know that three years ago our Zimpeto Centre pastor, Nikko, passed away.

Nikko and his wife Laurinda have six children and have taken a seventh girl with no family into their home.

Four of the seven children (Helder, Cynthia, Nilza, and Anisetta) are currently studying at University and all are supported by IMC.

The entire family is a big part of our church family, and we are committed to caring for the families needs.

April 2023 Zimepto University Education Program Update

We love Psalms 113:6-7. We love Psalms 113: 6-7. God is truly lifting the poor out of the dust.

In 1995, the Nuvunga family was one of the first families Iris helped.

Because of their extreme poverty, the ministry took all four of the Nuvunga boys (Tino, Noa, Domingos, and Dalberto) into their care at the Zimpeto Centre.

All boys completed their studies, are married, serving God in the community, and represent the Lord in their testimony.

October 2022 Zimepto University Education Program Update

We are very proud of our youth at Zimpeto. In this report, we want to highlight one of our young men. Alimo successfully completed university and is now working on a large water project. In addition to this very focussed work, he is caring for two young men who live with him.

Alimo was awarded a certificate for his work with FIPAG (Fundo de Investimento e Património do Abastecimento de Água), which stands for Investment Fund for the Development and Sustainability of Water.

April 2022 Zimpeto University Education Program Update

Iris Zimpeto currently has more than 30 students studying at University. This is miraculous after so many years of only having the funds to offer a regular school on base (JK-Grade 12).

One of the students studying at University and supported by IMC is Ivan de Orlando. Ivan has lived at the Zimpeto base since 2001, when he was dropped at the centre, mistreated by his stepfather. He was weak and malnourished, and the doctors said he would never walk and that because of his condition, he would always be slow academically.