April 2022 Zimpeto University Education Program Update

Iris Zimpeto currently has more than 30 students studying at University. This is miraculous after so many years of only having the funds to offer a regular school on base (JK-Grade 12).

One of the students studying at University and supported by IMC is Ivan de Orlando. Ivan has lived at the Zimpeto base since 2001, when he was dropped at the centre, mistreated by his stepfather. He was weak and malnourished, and the doctors said he would never walk and that because of his condition, he would always be slow academically.

ivan y0ounger 2_0.jpg

ivan younger_0.jpg

[Ivan, when he was younger.]

We were so proud when Ivan finished grade 12 in 2019. He desired to study Drama and was accepted by the National University - Eduardo Mondlane University to do so!

Ivan is now in his second year of studies and is doing well. IMC supports his studies, travel costs, and fees. Ivan also works half days in the carpentry shop to supplement his income.


[Ivan on the right.]

ivan and computer_0.jpg

[Ivan - all set up at university, and extremely grateful!]