April 2020 Zimpeto Child Reintegration Program Update

In 2002 Steve and Ros Lazar took 10 children into their house as a result of a measles outbreak. After the crisis had passed, Ros in her wisdom decided to keep the 10 children with them.

In December 2019 the last of the 10 children were reintegrated into some family. The vision the Lord placed on ther Lazars heart was completed. Ros remembers standing on the driveway watching the car take the last of the 10 youth to their community house.

Although reintegrated, all 10 are still in contact with the Lazars, especially when they need new shoes, or a cellphone fixed, or they are hungry.

One of the young men of the group of 10 is Gito. His Mom lived on the streets, and despite searching many times, she was never found.

Gito left the Lazar home in 2015, and lived with a pastor and his wife. In 2018 he was transferred to the Zimpeto youth project.

Gito’s dream is to join the police force. Presently he helps with worship in at our church on base, and studies second year social welfare at university. Steve and Ros are very proud of him achieving all that he has. Ros remembers calling him back to life in the hospital when he was just 3 years of age, after he was admittted with severe convulsions.

God is bringing to Psalm 113:7 to fruition – he raises up the poor out of the dust.


[Pictured are two of the boys, Ernesto (left) and Gito (right).]