April 2023 - Zimpeto Child Reintegration Program Update

With covid restrictions now fully lifted, the reintegration team has moved at top speed. Many reintegrations were completed at the end of 2022. Reintegration can be complicated and involve many hours of visits as the team needs to ensure the families can provide a safe and secure place to live, that food is available, and education continues. 


One of the most significant challenges for the team is to find a school placement for the reintegrated child. Often they will need to visit and revisit 4 or 5 schools to find a vacancy. 


These visits may take up to 2 or 3 days per child. Once a placement has been secured the ministry pays for school registration, uniforms, books, and a backpack.


Please pray for school spaces to open up for our reintegrated children.


1 - Ready to leave the centre (002)_0.jpeg

[Three of the reintegration children outside the car - ready to leave the centre.]


1 - Grandma with retinegrated grandchildren (002)_0.jpeg

[Grandma and the girls in the car leaving the centre.]


What happens when reintegration is not an option?


Joana grew up living in one of the missionaries' homes from when she was 18 months old. She was reintegrated into her Aunty's home when she was 16, where she completed year 10. She then married and now has two children.

1 - Joana_0.jpeg

[Picture of Joana.]


Joana was recently employed by the ministry to work with 4 of our older girls who are unable to be reintegrated with families. They are too vulnerable to live in the community and are too old to continue living in our girls' area. 


The centre has renovated and opened a separate house on the base for these young women. Joana has proven to be a keen and helpful worker who understands life in the centre. What a blessing it iss to have seen this young 18-month-old toddler grow up, become a wonderful mother and an excellent wife, and now work with the older girls who cannot be reintegrated.


Please pray that more of our reintegrated girls/young women can find gainful employment to provide for their own families.


1 - Older girls in their new house_0.jpeg

[The girls in their new home on base, visiting with Papa Steve.]


1 ros and kids_0_0_0.jpeg

[ Joana's children with Ros.]


Thank you for your continued financial and prayer support as we reunite children with families and provide for those who have no option to live.