October 2021 Zimpeto Child Reintegration Program Update

The reintegration of children into their families is a big part of the heart of Iris Zimpeto. To this end, we work hard to maintain contact with the families of the children in our care whenever possible. The ultimate goal is to reunite them into their family home.


Nineteen children were reintegrated in August in the space of two weeks while schools were closed.


Below is the story of one of our girls, Mindy.


I remember the day Mindy arrived (after the wife of one of our pastors had told us of her concern). Mindy was just over a year old at the time. She was cared for by her older siblings, who left her locked at home while they went to school each day. Mindy was very sick and dehydrated when she arrived at the centre, but grew strong and flourished quite quickly.


We made and maintained contact with her family and siblings, and in time Mindy started to spend weekends and holidays back at home. The transition was slow, as trust grew between our team and Mindy’s mother and grandmother.


Now fourteen, strong and feisty, Mindy has returned to live with her family permanently.


As part of the program, children receive a bag of school materials, bedding, etc. for home living, and in some cases, the ministry helps to improve/build rooms, add electricity or water, etc., to the family home.


The heart of reintegration is to restore children to their families. Mindy is beginning that new life! Transition isn’t always easy, especially for older children. Please pray that this story and others like it will be ones to celebrate in years to come.


mindy20210828_094154 (3)_0.jpg

[Mindy (centre) with four of her friends - three of whom were also reintegrated in August.]