April 2021 Zimpeto Child Reintegration Program Update

In the face of Covid restrictions these last 6 months, we praise God for the number of older children that were reunited with their families.


It has been very encouraging to support two brothers who were orphaned by their mother as infants, and then abandoned by their father, many years ago. The brothers come from a family of 4 boys. The two older brothers were reintegrated into their family home years ago, but because they have not made positive choices in life we could not consider sending the two younger brothers to live with them.

The two boys have now been integrated into the home of a young man who mentors adolescent boys. Their new home provides wonderful life skill opportunities to learn both how to live both in the community, and how to live as a community, living and supporting one another as a family. 


The reintegration team was instrumental in assessing a number of very young babies who were found to be very needy, and so accepted into the centre. Five babies arrived in one week. While it was a challenge for the nursery during the lockdown, it was exciting to see the nursery reopen to meet the needs of the community.

The youngest baby boy is 6 weeks old and comes to us with a complicated family history. His mother is currently in hospital. We are always privileged and blessed to be part of keeping these young and vulnerable infants alive, and be here to pour love and comfort into them in a safe environment for as long as is needed.


As a result of the lockdown our team began delivering necessary food items to the families of our reintegrated children. Many of these families have been adversely affected in that  they could no longer earn a living selling by the roadside or rummaging through recyclables in the garbage dump that they could then sell. All were deeply thankful for the provision of food.

We are so grateful for the continued financial support of IMC donors. You allow us to continue to come alongside the most destitute of children and families. As we continue to maintain contact with families and be supportive, we witness over and over again the unbounded healing and joy that comes when families are reunited. A family looks like many things and was created by God to be a place of belonging.