June 9, 2009 Update on Rolland's Health

We want to thank all of our family and friends around the world for your
love and prayers for Rolland and all of us over the past many months.
Rolland has been living in Pemba and receiving care from some amazing
youth who have come to us over the years from the streets and many
missionaries who have all pitched in with meals and hugs and help of all
kinds. Rolland has truly been honored by so many who have walked with us
at one time or another over the years. He has been spending his days

Report on Health of Rolland Baker - June 20, 2008

Thousands have been praying for Rolland around the world since he left
Mozambique for the United States last November for prayer, treatment and
rest. During this time he has been under the care of several doctors and
has been meeting with counselors. The love and care expressed by so many
has been wonderfully overwhelming.

His primary care physician, located in the Dallas, Texas area, states,
"Rolland Baker is currently under my care for a Post Traumatic Stress
Disorder which has caused some short-term memory loss due the intense

A Joyous Wedding Celebration - June 4, 2008

Report by Heidi Baker
Pemba, Mozambique

Thank you for your love and prayers. Rolland and I had a spectacular time at our daughter Crystalyn and Brock Human’s beautiful wedding in Redding, CA. God’s presence was so strong as He smiled down on us with a “Mozambican” African blessing of rain during the ceremony! In our culture, rain is a sign of God showering us with His love. We lifted our hands to Jesus, worshipping to the song “Oh How He Loves Us” as God kissed the ceremony in a most precious way.

Full-Resolution Flood Viedo Footage Available for Downoad

Full-resolution version of the flood area food distribution video is available to download via FTP. This version is suitable for showing large on a projector screen or large-screen TV, for example, for a church presentation.

FTP host:
Username: malawi1
Password: m0rr1son
(note that there is a “zero” and a “one” in the password)

To download this file, you have two options:

Flood Update: Delivering Hope - January 26, 2008

Report by David Morrison
Bangula, Malawi

In Bangula the rain pounded down again on our roof throughout the whole night. We slept restlessly, awakening often, concerned for those whose grass shelters would not withstand these conditions. We know that this Malawi rain will eventually flow downstream into the devastated flood region of Mutarara, Mozambique, challenging relief efforts even more. We pray and hope that in the midst of this, the thousands displaced find some comfort in Jesus, who we know is near.

Live Video Footage from Flood Area Food Distribution - January 28, 2008

On January 23, 2008 David Morrison and a team from Bangula, Malawi travelled to Mozambique in a convoy of three trucks carrying 17 metric tons of food, enough to feed three refugee camps for two weeks. Satisfying starving people with the gift of food is such an incredible work, and seeing the powerful arm of God reaching down to send us the provision so quickly is a miracle.

[116,000.00 people are in need]