Zimpeto Youth and Community Housing Program

April 2022 Zimpeto Youth and Community Housing Update

One of the most precious stories over the last year has been that of Amancio.

IMC and many other donors helped Amancio with emergency surgery in South Africa for a badly infected foot. His recovery was truly miraculous.

Following his surgery and recovery, Amancio's hope/request was to move off of the base and live with his sister and her husband. The house needed to have an extension added and be renovated on the inside.

October 2021 Zimpeto Youth and Community Housing Program Update

In 2020 the Zimpeto team shared the great need for housing within the community. Because of the generosity of IMC's donors, we rejoiced in helping extend the reintegration housing project to include those in the local community.

So much of the community around the base live in houses that are either falling apart and need a rebuild, or need serious repairs.