October 2021 Zimpeto Youth and Community Housing Program Update

In 2020 the Zimpeto team shared the great need for housing within the community. Because of the generosity of IMC's donors, we rejoiced in helping extend the reintegration housing project to include those in the local community.

So much of the community around the base live in houses that are either falling apart and need a rebuild, or need serious repairs.

This new extension of ministry has already allowed us to repair houses for a newly married couple (Nelson and Crimelda - below), repair a widow’s house (see the Widow's report), and provide for a young adult in the community (see the first program update last September.). We are happy to add two more stories below.

home 1_0.jpg

[Nelson & Crimelda on their wedding day. Note that it's customary for Mozambicans not to smile in pictures.]

home 2_0.jpg

[Pictured is their beautiful new home, in which to begin their lives together.]

We are currently building a small house for a young man named João, who you will see pictured below. João was reintegrated into his family home many years ago after living on the Zimpeto Base for many years. Because his family is poor, he was paying the rent on his family home with the money he earned from his job. Once João lost his job, he was no longer able to live with them. João had already purchased some land while still working, as he has been planning to build a house for himself.

When we learned that João was about to lose his land because of the many months that had gone by since losing his job, we wanted to give him a step up by building him a home. Pictured is the house under construction and now finished.





[João (third from the left) and three excited friends in front of João's newly completed home.]

We have also just finished renovating a house that is owned by Iris, where two of our young Iris Pastors live, along with an orphaned boy that they care for. We added a veranda for more space and security and renovated the inside of the house.




Building and repairing houses in the community keeps families together and safe. Thank you for your support which enables this program.