October 2022 Zimpeto Youth & Community Housing Update

While the Zimpeto centre offers a  loving environment, the desire for most children is to be part of a family.

It is not always possible to place a child back into their biological family, so we encourage our workers and pastors to possibly care for one of the youths who haven't the means to live in a family unit.

Dinis and his wife have looked after a young man for more than 4 years. With the assistance of IMC, we are extending their house, and looking for others with the same heart.



[the before pictures of Dinis' house.]

house 3_0.jpg

[Steve & Ros with Dinis and family.]

* * * * * * * *

Jeremias is a young man who grew up on the base. It was a wonderful day four years ago when he was re-integrated back home with his mother, where he lives and cares for her.

Jeremias struggles academically but enjoys using his hands. The construction crew at Zimpeto has taken him under their wings, and he is enjoying building houses and being mentored by them. He has friends and is learning a skill that will bring provision.

Recently, when Jeremias was dropped off at his mom’s home by someone on the crew, they saw how bad the condition of his house was. They begun began renovations on the house the very next week.

What a blessing this will be to Jeremias and his mom.