April 2019 Zimpeto Sewing and Carpentry Program Update

It has now been more than 6 months since Betty Blanchette passed away, and her husband Bob returned to Canada.

The heart of our ministry is to raise up local leaders who will carry on the work set before them.

In both cases, the carpentry and sewing programs aer continuing under the oversight of our Mozambican leadership.

Emilio is in charge of the carpentry project and is training 3 young men in this important trade. They build and keep all of our 'wooden' items in good replair. Over the last six months they have repaired over 100 school tables, remodelled the Zimpeto computer room, built new doors for youth homes, and have totally renovated a local community church.

bob 3_1.jpg

Lourdes in the sewing room continues to train many of our girls in this skill. The girls are trained in basic sewing techniques, as well as making dresses, bags, placemats, wall hangings and more.

bob 1_2.jpg

bob 2_1.jpg

Bob and Betty have done a fine job in training the next generation.