October 2023 Zimpeto Sewing & Carpentry Program Updates

Sewing Program:

Iris Zimpeto was pleased to welcome a new teacher to the sewing program earlier this year.


Dulcie worked in our clinic many years ago, and her husband is one of the teachers/translators at the bible school. Already well known at the centre, it was an easy transition back. Dulcie began with part-time work, but in September will be full-time. We anticipate expanding the program at that time.

We currently have nine of our secondary school girls and six of our primary school girls sewing, and another eight will start this Fall.

Four of our reintegrated girls sewing and another four will start this Fall. It's fantastic that the sewing room is fully-occupied all week.


With the appointment of Dulcie, we are gradually introducing some new activities and projects. With many more visitors now coming to Zimpeto again, there is a great demand to make items to sell in the base hospitality shop again. Bags, aprons, placemats, sunhats, and wall hangings are some of the preferred projects – with the added incentive of earning money!

The projects taught split into three categories - personal clothing, items needed for the children's dorms (sheets, curtains, etc.), and sewing gifts for the hospitality department.

We received a large fabric donation, so making skirts is very popular!


We have three girls who will graduate high school this year, and they (along with Dulcie) will be making their prom dresses - a first for the program!

After the pandemic shutdown and the struggle to regain momentum, it is very gratifying to see the girls excited and bursting with enthusiasm and confidence in their sewing abilities again.


The legacy and vision created and sown by Betty Blanchette continue strong.


Carpentry Program:

The carpentry program under the guidance of Emilio Saville continues to train youth, which benefits the base as well, as they help with needed projects.

Over the last months, the program has utilized trees that needed cutting down to build benches for a new church, storage shelving, and to build a new playground for the baby house.

playground tree_0.jpg



playground 1_0.jpg

Play ground_0.jpg


More than 20 youths have gone through the training program and have the skills to begin their own small business.

It is so good to know the program grows from strength to strength.