October 2022 Zimpeto Sewing & Carpentry Program Updates

Sewing Program:

Zimpeto is blessed to have such a fine sewing project and a wonderful teacher, Lourdes.

In 2021 we received a large donation of materials.

Alongside the regular training program, we invited back two of our graduates from the program, Virginia, and Sarah, to come in and make curtains and bed sheets for the new visitor's area. It also provided some supplementary income for the girls.


sewing 3_0.jpg

sewing 2_0.jpg

Carpentry Program:

There are two purposed aspects to the carpentry program. The first is to mentor and train youth. We recently welcomed a young man, Nelson, to the program. Nelson is married to Crimelda, a young woman who works in the health clinic on base. Nelson is loving the learning experience and is very grateful for the opportunity to learn a new skill set.

The second focus of the program is to build items that are useful and needed both at the base and in the community. These past months Nelson has been part of the team that has carried out the complete renovation of all of the woodwork in the visitor's area on base. New doors and windows, shelves, and storage units have been made for each bedroom.


[A few of the carpentry team in prayer - dedicating the Bob Blanchette carpentry workshop to the Lord.]


[Nelson at work.]


[New storage units.]