April 2023 Zimpeto Sewing and Carpentry Program Updates

Sewing Program:


There are currently 13 girls currently in the program, both beginners and those with some former experience. Four of the girls have advanced to doing projects with beadwork. We also have 8 of our reintegrated girls back with us - a wonderful blessing to them!


Three of our girls will be graduating from high school at the end of the year, and they are hopeful that with the help of their instructor, they will be able to make their prom dresses!


zim 3_3.jpg


Making bed sheets has also been a recent project. We were delighted to receive a huge donation of fabric - again a project that will bless many of the children's dormitories on base.


zim 2_1.jpg


The sewing program has been a fundamental part of the ministry for many years. It is a great blessing to see it continuing to thrive.


zim 1_1_0.jpg


zim 5_1.jpg


Carpentry Program:

The carpentry area continues to support many projects on the base and in the community.
Above that, it trains youth both in discipleship and carpentry skills. It is a great skill for future employment.

From building shelving on our storage unit, or benches for the visitors and girls' area, or doors and windows for community houses - our
The carpentry team builds a quality product.

We are proud of our teacher, Emilio, and the youth who work every day, serving others through this ministry.

Thank you for making this possible!


[Steve & Ros Lazar join the boys in shows one of their projects.]