April 2021 Zimpeto Sewing and Carpentry Program Updates

There are currently twenty-six girls taking part in the sewing program that is supervised by Tia Lourdes. Sixteen girls are from the Zimpeto centre, and the other 10 (though now reintegrated into families in the community) continue with the opportunity to make and then sell their crafts as a source of income.

As for us all, 2020 was a year like no other. Sadly, the program had to be paused when the pandemic quarantine restrictions came into place in April 2020. There has been a wonderful silver lining, however! It has allowed both time and space for the much-needed demolition and rebuilding of the girl's dormitory and sewing room. In the absence of regular lessons has come the construction of a beautiful new area with a larger space to allow the sewing program to expand.                                                                                                      sew1_1_0.jpg


[At the time of posting, we are still in quarantine and could only capture a couple of pictures of two of the girls in the program who are living separately from the others in the dorm. We look forward to sharing the finished space up and running in our next update!]                            

Throughout the construction, Lourdes has continued to support the needs of the centre as a seamstress under very cramped conditions, as machines, fabrics, sewing benches, etc., were relocated to a much smaller space. Bedsheets were made for two of the children’s dorms. And while they were a much-needed and big success (as you can see below), they will also be a valuable new skill added to the sewing program.


The new room opened for classes late in February. Most, unfortunately, after only one morning of classes the centre was put in lockdown again. We anticipate adding another 4-6 of the 11/12-year-old girls to the program. As quarantine restrictions ease and schools reopen, we plan to bring back several of the reintegrated girls. Tia Lourdes is anticipating that a refresher course will be needed by all!

The roots, laid down over many years, have held firm. We are looking forward to a new season in our new space!