October 2018 Zimpeto Sewing and Carpentry Program Update

Bob and Betty Blanchette have served the Lord in Zimpeto since 2007. Bob established the carpentry workshop and Betty the sewing program. Bob and Betty were both full time for a number of years until they decided to spend more time with their family. Over the last years they were at Zimpeto 3 to 6 months per year. Their main focus was training and loving youth, many who grew to love them like a Mom and Dad.

It was such a sad day when Betty unexpectedly went to be with the Lord on July 15th, while on base. We mourn and miss Betty. Bob is now home with his family in Canada.

Betty’s last day was spent with the girls, sewing, laughing, partying, loving up on them. 

It is wonderful in these days to know Jesus, who is both the beginning and the end. The projects they began will continue to train youth, as Bob has trained Emilio and Betty has trained Lourdes to carry on the teaching.

We are all very blessed to have shared so many years with with Bob and Betty.


Bob offered this update on each program to us:


It was Bob’s pleasure to again work in the carpentry shop in June and July. They have a new carpenter, Louis, who is in the process of learning carpentry. Antonio is doing well and is starting to be able to do things on his own.

bob and boys 4_0.jpg

Emilio is doing very well. When Emilio began working with Bob many years ago he was a very rough carpenter. He has turned into an accomplished carpenter! This last season saw Bob working with the young men to build furniture to help out another base. As well, Emilio and his wife recently had a baby boy, so they made them a crib.

bob 1_1.jpg

Sewing Room

The sewing room is doing well under Lourdes' leadership. While Betty was there she did a couple of ‘giveaways’ of purses from a lady from back home. One of these was on her last day with us.

bob 5 betty handing out bage_0.jpg

One of the young girls is pictured below, proudly showing the beuatiful pillow cover that she made.

bob 3 pillow_0_0.jpg

Betty was doing what she loved. She will be greatly missed by all. In her memory, the sewing room that she established has been named the ‘Betty Blanchette Sewing Room’.

bob 6 sewing projects_0.jpg