September 2020 Zimpeto Sewing and Carpentry Program Updates

July 15th marked the second anniversary of the passing of our beloved IMC missionary Betty Blanchette. Betty began and oversaw the sewing project for many years. At the same time her husband Bob began and oversaw the carpentry project.

Both projects continue to be strong and active. Bob and Betty trained up wonderful leaders in their areas. Bob had planned to visit the base in June but had to postpone his travels for now because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The girl’s area on base (which housed the sewing centre) was demolished in July and a rebuild will begin this coming September. All of the girls have had to temporarily move into the visitor’s area where a temporary sewing room has been set up. The sewing program had to stopped in April but will begin again in August. In the meantime we are eagerly anticipating a new and improved sewing room with the upcoming rebuild, where we can continue to teach and raise up seamstresses for our nation!


[The girls sewed masks prior to the closing of the sewing room.]


[A temporary move for the girls.]


[The demolished girls area. The new sewing room will be built here in September as part of the new girls area.]

The carpentry project continues – currently supporting 4 youth, doing both maintenance and building projects. They constantly maintain all of our wooden items on base (windows, doors, desks etc.) as well as outfitting community homes with doors, windows, etc..

c & s2_0.jpg

c & s3_0.jpg