April 2020 Anonymous Missionary - Asia Update

Before I began overseas missions, I didn’t fully comprehend what it meant to be completely dependent on God and his miracle-working power every single day. In the face of continual difficulties, I have realized afresh how much Jesus means to me. My life is in Him alone; He is my everything. When I am weak, He is strong in me. When I run out, He is my supply. Without Jesus, I can do nothing here. He holds my hands, strengthens my feet, and step by step I move ahead.

I carry this radical love into ministry. We continue to connect with local churches. We continue to teach and train up leaders (John 17:21). We continue to provide help for the poor that are in front of us. Our biggest challenge is that there is much fear among the people. There are many false teachings online which pull people away from the cross, away from Jesus’ love, and away from the truth.

We continue to train people online as well. We equip them with the Word of God, the sword that strengthens, and as we teach about adoption and break the lies of bondage the people live in, they are filled with the explosive power and love of our Father in heaven.

Miracles follow us as we go! We met a woman who had been in a car accident and sustained injuries to her head, shoulders, and back. The doctors had not been able to help her. As I prayed for her, all of the pain completely disappeared. Through this experience, she gave her life to Jesus, as did her husband and all of the employees in her company.
We met another woman who had only been saved for a month. She struggled with a few health issues – a hemangioma in her nose, and pain in her knees which had kept her from being able to bend down to kneel for several years. She longed for the Holy Spirit to fill her every single day. Her faith in God reminded me of the woman with the issue of blood (Mark 5:25-29). When she worshipped her nose would bleed. One day, while in worship, the hemangioma just dropped off of her nose. Another day while I was praying for her knee, her nose bled for more than 10 minutes. When it stopped, she was completely healed and able to bend down and kneel again!

All praise and glory to our great God. He is good...all of the time!

Thank you for your love and support. Together we are share in the joy of every miracle of God.