October 2022 Anonymous Missionary - Asia Update

The persecution of believers has become much more extreme this past year. Churches are struggling under the tyranny. Yet we know that Jesus is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

So we do not stop the work that we are doing, which includes preparing and sending containers that are greatly needed to Mozambique and Malawi. In the natural, the costs of sending containers have increased severely since 2020.

We only focus on the Lord’s supernatural supply and do not look at the difficulties, and impossibilities. And miraculously, we have been able to ship seven containers to the two countries and are not stopping.

We continue to connect and start new churches. The focus is on raising and training leaders and on teaching the people. It is vital that people both know and experience God’s kindness and grace.

The attached pictures show some of the types of things that we have been sending this past season. Included are sound systems for churches and outreaches, computer hardware, children's clothing, soccer uniforms, etc.

We praise God for His incredible provision.

WContainer to Malawi_0.JPG

[A 40 ft. container filled and ready to ship to Malawi.]

W3 wheelchairs_0.jpg

[The container arrived, and with it, much appreciated items. Pictured here are wheelchairs for children with Cerebral Palsy.]

W6 - Fabric used to make dresses for Malawian women_0.JPG

[Dresses are made for community women with the beautiful fabrics sent.]