October 2023 Anonymous Missionary - Asia Update

As we are in the calendar year's harvest season, I believe we are also in a spiritual season of a fruitful harvest.

I have travelled between our different provinces and cities since my last update to support and encourage ministry leaders. We have trained church teams on how to be filled with the Holy Spirit, experience the deep love of their heavenly Father, and taught a deeper understanding of the truth of the kingdom.

We rejoice and celebrate when the sick are healed!  Most recently we saw four people accept Jesus over the three days we were with them. God is good all the time!

I am including some pictures from Iris Malawi of the children receiving gifts we sent in a recent container. The kids are so excited to receive presents of love from the Lord through your generosity.

We praise the Lord for you. Because of you, sending these ongoing containers is made possible. Bless you!